PIK team participated in expert panel at Climate Dialogues 2020

From November 23 to December 4, the virtual Climate Dialogues 2020 took place. The PIK team participated in an expert panel, addressing questions relating to climate risk evaluation and the effective design of adaptation strategies.

The panel took place on December 1 and was part of the event “Informal joint Presidency and incoming-Presidency technical event: Rising to the challenge of climate risk”. In addition to Christoph Gornott from PIK, panelists included Srilata Kammila from UNDP and Muhammad Musa from BRAC. Central questions posed to the panelists related to the ways in which climate risks and corresponding actions can be evaluated and how both the international system and local communities can ensure the effective implementation of adaptation strategies. In his opening statement, Christoph Gornott emphasised the importance of linking climate risk evaluation on the one hand with adaptation action on the other hand. He also highlighted the role of science which should guide adaptation efforts, especially given the speed at which the climate is changing but also its long-term future dimension. In these efforts, an interdisciplinary and integrated approach is important to link different methods, such as cost-benefit analyses with qualitative methods, and different sectors for a more comprehensive picture. Finally, Christoph Gornott addressed the issue of local ownership and knowledge which is key to effective adaptation planning.

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Presentation by Christoph Gornott